🌟Manifest & Co-create Your Life🌟

Wednesday May 22, 2019


By learning the process of manifestation and how to access our subconscious mind, we tap into the natural power we all possess to create the life and results we wish for.β˜„

In this brilliantly profound workshop, Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Reiki Healer, Madeleine DaSilva, guides us step by step through the principles of Manifestation.⚑

Using real life stories from her own personal training and practice, and specific exercises, Madeleine leads us to the attainment of our most heartfelt desires. πŸ’›

About the Workshop:

Part 1 of this workshop will personally guide you through the fundamental principles of manifesting, leaving you both with the understanding of how it works, and the skills to create anything you want, promoting problems resolve on their own, and bring joy to each aspect of your life. β˜„

Part 2
will focus on putting the theory into practice, and introduce an advanced technique that allows for even faster materialization of your goals. Fellow Reiki Master Practitioner, Sara Choi @sarang.healing, will be sharing about chakras and how energy healing can clear blocks or obstacles in your mind and behavior patterns, and enhance your innate manifesting ability.⚑

Reserve your spot now! Tickets: $39