We all have our ups and downs in life.

The question is-  what do we do to maintain feeling well?

More importantly, what do we do when we don't feel well? And what does wellness look like to you? 

After years of living and working in the city, I subconsciously cut off my emotional openness, vulnerability and empathy to survive the daily city grind. After a while that mentality spread into my life outside of work and into my personal interactions with people. I found myself constantly on edge, easily irritated, frustrated, impatient, angry and irritable. I felt disconnected from who I wanted to be.

As a nurse I couldn't tell my patients to live healthier if I didn't feel healthy and whole myself.

I knew I had to reconnect with what health and wellness was to me.

Reconnecting with wellness for me meant reconnecting with who I wanted to be-  my true self, being open and vulnerable, and making the things I wanted to improve a priority in my life.

After investing time into my self-care and my whole wellness- body, mind, and spirit, I found myself living the life of wellness that I had once felt so disconnected from.

Each step I took to transform the mess I felt I was in led me along my journey into wellness. Now my hope is to inspire others to reconnect with their whole, healthy, true selves and create their envisioned life of wellness.