"As a nursing Mother of two toddlers, I had begun to lose myself.  I hadn't really slept in about 4 years and I couldn't get "baby weight" to budge; I just felt groggy all the time.  I had begun to think, "maybe this is just how its going to be now..." Specifically, I had been so focused on my kids needs and health, that I had let my own care and well being slip away.  So, I was very eager to begin working with Sara Choi to identify my health goals and concerns and then work towards them. Sara guided me through the toughest spots of the beginning of my journey.  She was always full of great suggestions, and was also able to hold me accountable week by week (huge for me).  I'm not quite my pre-kids self, but since working with Sara I'm feeling better than I have in 3 years.  Working with Sara was the big push I needed to jump into some healthier patterns.  I can see and hold a vision of myself in the future that is healthy and triumphant!

~M. L. 


"Sara Choi is a caring & effective healing touch practitioner. After treatments with Sara, I feel deeply relaxed & rejuvenated. Her commitment to assisting her patients’ to create and maintain a state of optimum health & well being is commendable.  I highly recommend Sara.."

~ Cathey Baier, L.Ac & LMT


"I saw Sara for 6 therapy sessions for an hour each time we met. During the time of our meeting I was dealing with the passage of my mother, career and relationship decisions, and a problem with alcohol.  Each session began with a quick meditation, which helped me relax and focus on what we were going to discuss during the session. This was followed by a brief questionnaire which was utilized as a guide for the session. Before meeting with Sara I was having a tough time coping and dealing with the situations I was experiencing, but even though our time together was short, Sara was instrumental in helping me navigate these situations and realize what I needed to do to better each situation. With this I would recommend her as a coach to anyone who needs assistance with learning how to both cope and deal with the curve balls life can sometime throw at us. She did this for me and I am most certain she can do this for someone else."

~Dennis M.


"To say that Sara has a gift is an understatement. Her authenticity and true love for what she does and every person she works with is evident from the moment you meet her. I’ve recommended everyone I know to her and I believe she has an incredible talent. Within seconds of beginning our session she made me feel at ease. Her healing touch allowed me to open up and redistribute my energies to where they needed to be. I look forward to every session with her and can’t wait for my next one! “

~ S.Zohar


"I have to say my healing touch/Reiki experience with Sara was by far the best! Her approach was extremely warm and comforting which made it much easier for me to relax. During the treatment I felt warm sensations in certain areas and my body felt so light as I took deep breaths in and out. After my treatment she told me what she observed and boy.. was she right. I am extremely happy with my experience and I look forward to more to come."

~ N.G.


"I have to say, I never wanted to spend money on life coaching sessions because, well, I didn't think it would help me. I was so wrong. I'm so glad that I connected with Sara. She is very warm, attentive and empathetic. During our sessions she was able to shed a lot of light on issues I was facing that were causing me to be stuck. As a result of us working together I have been more forgiving, compassionate and actively working on not being judgmental."

~ Ellen G.